LH 203

Data Sheet LH 203 Applications Sandvik LH203 is a compact and lightweight Load Haul Dump (LHD) for narrow vein mining. Best payload to own weight ratio in its class.

ST 125M

Data Sheet ST 125M 100M/125M LOAD HAUL DUMP The MTI 100M is 48 inches wide and supplied 1.0 cubic yard capacity bucket and the 125M is 54 inches wide and supplied with 1.25 cubic yard capacity bucket.  The prices for both machines are the sam. Buckets can be supplied either as standard or ejector type.

ST 1030

Data Sheet ST 1030 Superior underground mucking The scooptram ST1030 is a reliable 10 tonnes underground loader with an ergonomically designed operator compartment for unparalleled productivity in mid-size mining applications.


Data Sheet ST2D Underground loaders The Scooptram ST2D is a reliable 3 600 kg tramming capacity underground loader for smaller sized operations that range from narrow vein mines to construction sites. This vehicle has built its reputation bucket by bucket throughout the world.  

ST 3.5

Data Sheet ST 3.5 Cargadora subterranea The Scooptram ST3.5 is a 6 000 kg tramming capacity underground loader designed for small to medium sized operations that include development work, production mining, construction sites, and site clean-up activities. The Scooptram ST3.5 has a strong, positive reputation built over time, bucket by bucket.

Scooptram Sandvik LH307

Data Sheet Scooptram LT-307 Cargadora subterranea El modelo LH307 de Sandvik es un LHD subterráneo que cuenta con una capacidad de carga de 6,7 toneladas métricas y nuestra última tecnología en LHD para proporcionar el máximo rendimiento en las aplicaciones subterráneas más exigentes.

Scooptram LT270

Data Sheet Scooptram LT-270 Máquina de carga, acarreo y descarga. La Scooptram LT-270 es una máquina ideal para la carga acarreo y descarga, gracias a su avanzada tecnología nos permite cargar hasta 9 toneladas. Además cuenta con una transmisión automática de 3 velocidades de avance y 3 de retroceso.